How To Build A Solar System Model

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You’ve seen models of the the solar system on posters, in textbooks, and in those little mechanical gizmos known as orreries. But these representations are way off–at least when it comes to scale. But now a mind-boggling new video.

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Many parts of the outer Solar System have been considered for possible future colonization. Most of the larger moons of the outer planets contain water ice, liquid.

A group of friends has created a stunning 7-mile scale model of the solar system on a dry lakebed in Nevada. “The only way to see a scale model of the solar system was to build one,” explained science film-maker, noting the vast.

In fact, all terrestrial planets in the solar system have metallic cores and.

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The makers of the model used seven miles of space in a Nevada desert. In spite of those things, however, Hörst is still excited that people are trying to make the scale of the solar system a little more understandable for people on Earth.